Welcome to my website, learnspokenenglish.co.uk. I am a 67 year old Englishman with a T E F L qualification (teaching english as a foreign language) As the name of the website suggests my teaching method concentrates on spoken English and English conversation more than learning the grammar of the language I have met and taught students who have spent many years and a lot of money learning English in their own countries only to find that when they come to England they can’t make themselves understood and can’t understand what English people are saying. This is especially frustrating for students who have come to study in England and have to take a comprehension test at university or college before they can begin their studies. Studying with me is conversation based, It’s very simple really. You learn English the way you learned your own language—by listening, repeating, making mistakes and being corrected. Your vocabulary naturally increases and you begin to get a feel for the language. Next you begin to learn some English idioms and use them in our conversations (they are good fun to learn).

Some students worry about not learning grammar. Don’t worry. I can recommend some very good books on English grammar, They will help you to learn English grammar but spoken English will only come by our conversation classes.

If you live in Manchester England (which is where I live) our lessons will be face to face. Any where else we can use Skype. I use Paypal for payment which I have found to be reliable and easy to understand.

I have not tried to make this website complicated and difficult to understand but rather to keep it simple./ That is the way I teach English.
My charges  for lessons are very reasonable and will depend on the level you are at now. When we have met over Skype I will have a better idea of what you want and at that stage  will be able to give you a firm price for your lessons.
Have a look at my video and if you think I may be able to help you get in touch.